Tekkit Tweaker helps

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The issue

You may experience low FPS (frames per second) in your lovely game modifiaction Tekkit for Minecraft. It is because the Minecraft itself is not fully optimized as it is written in Java.

Minecraft also have some stuttering issues in big cities on high-end computers with plenty of cores and RAM. What we can do?

The solution

The only solution is tweaking and modding. If you are experienced user, then you will have no problems and can download mods and patches, but many users will. So we have developed automatic installer named Tekkit Tweaker, which will allow you to install modifications, optimize your configs and more.

For older computers we recommend lowering render distance and Fast option in Quality settings.

Advantages of Tekkit Tweaker

  • FREE
  • New: Will bring you power of OptiFine
  • Will install optimized Lwjgl
  • Extreme easy instalation and deinstalation
  • Ability to customize the install process
  • Removes input lag
  • Improves your FPS
  • Smoothing of grass, snow and glass
  • Zooming (CTRL key)
  • Ability to install optimized or ultra-optimized configuration
  • Side by Side with Tekkit's OptiFine

Awards and user's experience

quot Awesome mod!

Let's get it

Ver.: 1.2.9g_2.6 (2016-07-02), Tekkit 1.2.9g, EN / CZ, archive there